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About Coremo

Coremo Ocmea draws on its long tradition in the manufacture of brakes and clutches for industrial, marine, oil & gas, energy and entertainment sector applications to look firmly to the future, to the realisation of services with a high degree of customisation: structured projects including products, technical support, maintenance and consulting.

Its full coverage of the industrial applications for brake and clutch units has led to the company’s selection for prestigious installations such as those on board the Queen Mary II, the word’s third largest cruise ship, and at Milan’s La Scala Theatre, one of the most important on the entire concert and opera circuit.

Twiflex, Sanyo Suntes, Cobette, Kolbelt, Stromag, Dellner, Bulbenzer, Svendborg

B-2N New Caliper A - June 2005TB Brakes ID2000 original ID3000N Mini Clutch - Brake (CL)  BI Brakes - Touch Up

Coremo - Pneumatic Caliper Brake

Coremo Pneumatic caliper brakes are designed for those industrial applications which use air pressure to operate the braking system. The lever mechanism principle ensures simple but very effective operation.

This family includes both air-actuated and failsafe or spring applied brakes.

In air-actuated brakes, the braking force is generated by the air pressure, which can be modulated between 0 and 6 bar to vary the clamping force. Once the required force has been obtained, it will remain constant regardless of lining wear.

Conversely, in failsafe brakes the action of the springs generates, within short reaction times, clamping forces which guarantee plants’ safety during maintenance and/or in emergencies.
Adjustment to compensate for wear, as and when necessary, is simple and immediate thanks to a hand-operated mechanical system. Moreover, all failsafe pneumatic caliper brakes have a mechanical system which allows the brake to be made safe before any planned or unplanned maintenance work on it.

All hand-applied and air actuated and failsafe pneumatic caliper brakes can be fitted with a wear indicator and an on/off indicator device to protect the system during operation.

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Coremo - Hydraulic Caliper Brake

Coremo hydraulic brakes are designed to provide a simple, fast solution to the safety requirements of a wide range of industrial applications.

COREMO hydraulic brakes are also available in caliper and direct versions, both in oil-applied and spring-applied types.

As the names indicate, oil-applied brakes are operated by the action of the hydraulic oil, while the spring-applied type are operated by the action of their springs.

02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-001 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-002 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-003 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-004 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-005 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-006 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-007 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-008 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-009 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-010 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-011 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-012 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-013 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-014 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-015 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-016 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-017 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-018 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-019 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-020 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-021 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-022 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-023 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-024 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-025 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-026 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-027 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-028 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-029 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-030 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-031 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-032 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-033 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-034 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-035 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-036 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-037 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-038 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-039 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-040 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-041 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-042 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-043 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-044 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-045 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-046 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-047 02) Caliper Brake Hydraulic Catalog-page-048

Coremo - 'MINI' Clutch and Brake

Coremo MINI pneumatic brakes and clutches combine advanced power transmission requirements with very compact size. They are aluminium made with low-inertia rotating parts; the clutches are equipped with built-in rotocoupling. They are available also with a self-supporting mounting flange.

08) MINI Catalog-page-001

08) MINI Catalog-page-002

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Coremo - SMART, CAB Caliper Brake

Coremo SMART and CAB brakes are small and compact Pneumatic Brakes
02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-001

02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-002

02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-003

02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-004

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02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-009

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02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-014

02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-015

02) Caliper Brake Smart Catalog-page-016

Coremo - 'TB' and 'SB' Modular Braking System

Coremo ‘TB’ or ‘SB’ Modular Pneumatic braking units can be combined to obtain an efficient, reliable and reconfigurable braking system; also available in failsafe – spring applied version for safety and emergency applications. High versatility guaranteed; user-friendly both in mounting and maintenance operations.

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-001

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-002

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-003

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-004

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-005

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-006

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-007

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-008

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-009

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-010

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-011

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-012

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-013

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-014

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-015

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-016

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-017

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-018

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-019

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-020

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-021

07) Modular Braking System Catalog-page-022

Coremo - BI,M,VS Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake

Coremo Air Tube (Pan Cake) Designed Clutch and Brake are Low inertia pneumatic brakes and clutches, also available as spring-applied emergency brakes.

The air tube concept offers sensitivity and versatility to a huge number of high-frequency industrial processes. The multidisc system gives very high torgue in a compact size. Max. torque from 210 to 49.500 Nm.
03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-001

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-002

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-003

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-004

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-005

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-006

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-007

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-008

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-009

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-010

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-011

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-012

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-013

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-014

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-015

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-016

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-017

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-018

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-019

03) Air Tube Design Clutch and Brake Catalog - BI,M,VS-page-020

Coremo - 'AC' Air Cooled Brake

Coremo Air Cooled Pneumatic brake with a diaphragm for tension control applications. The design of cooling fins allows high heat dissipation. The special diaphragm which controls the brake is extremely sensitive to the minimum variation in pressure, as well as high-temperature resistant.

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-001

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-002

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-003

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-004

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-005

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-006

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-007

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-008

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-009

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-010

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-011

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-012

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-013

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-014

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-015

06) Air Cooled Brake Catalog-page-016

Coremo - MODULO Fan Cooled Brake

Coremo MODULO brake (formal ECO) is equipped with an electrical fan for a thermal capacity up to 4,5 kw. It’s mainly suitable to winding and unwinding applications with maximum speed 2.670 rpm. The standard protection guard is designed according to international safety regulations. The modular and ergonomic design allows easy re-configuration and maintenance of the braking units. An agile and reliable brake with the best price/quality ratio.

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-001

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-002

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-003

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-004

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-005

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-006

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-007

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-008

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-009

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-010

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-011

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-012

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-013

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-014

05) Fan Cooled Brake Catalog-page-015

Coremo - 'WR' Water Cooled Clutch and Brake

Air tube pneumatic brakes and clutches are designed with Water Cooling circuit for applications requiring extremely high heat dissipation. Air tube sensitivity allows fine torque control. They are available with steel disc or copper disc (for increase thermal capacity)

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Water Cooled

Coremo - Gemell Clutch Brake Combi

Coremo Gemell is Designed to combine in one single group the start-stop functions. The braking function is spring applied; with Supplied pressure the brake is released and the clutch is actuated, the sliding movement of one single disc avoids overlapping. These groups are available also in versions single brake or single clutch.

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-001

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-002

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-003

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-004

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-005

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-006

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-007

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-008

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-009

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-010

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-011

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-012

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-013

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-014

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-015

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-016

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-017

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-018

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-019

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-020

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-021

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-022

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-023

09) Clutch Brake Combination catalog-page-024