Guibe - Mechanical Reducers and Gears

Guibe specialised in designing and manufacturing customised MECHANICAL REDUCERS AND GEARS (Industrial Transmission) for various sectors: Steelmaking, Mining and Cement, Rubber, Pulp & Paper, Plastic, Sugar, Transport, Elevation, Test Benches, etc

Guibe – Industrial Transmission

Specialised Custom-made Gearboxes and Gear for a wide range of Industries – Steel Mill, Rubber, Pulp & Paper, Mining & Cement Mill, Wood, Test Benches, etc. With the Industry 4.0 ‘SMART-G’ System, it gives you monitoring and diagnostic solution

Customised MECHANICAL REDUCERS AND GEARS for various sectors.

Rubber – Calender

Rubber – Extruder

Rubber – Mixer

Rubber – Calender

Steel – Leveller / Straightener

Steel – Rolling Mill

Guibe / Goizper – Industry 4.0 system

‘SMART-G’ is a cyber-physical system that allows the monitoring and diagnosis in-situ of the transmission components allowing us to carry out:

Continuous monitoring of gearbox status.

Diagnosis of possible failure modes that may occur.

Analysis of the evolution of their status.

Data transmission to other upper layer monitoring systems via MQTT.

Direct communication with the system that controls the reducer through industrial field buses (EtherCat, Profinet, Powerlink, etc …)

Storage of collected data.

On Planetary Grinder for Sugar Mill

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