Japan Fawick

Japan Fawick

Japan Fawick Co., Ltd. was established in June 1962 by an encounter of founder George Fujita and Thomas L. Fawick. Since the founding of the company, Japan Fawick has been the distributor of Fawick Co. (currently Eaton Corp.) to import and sales of Airflex Clutch & Brakes and also other brands with our own Rotorseals and Quick Release Valves.

Japan Fawick – Rotorseals

Are used for the supply of air or fluid to a rotor from a fixed pipe. To support wide variety of industries, we provide various sizes with single/multi passage. We can also produce special design.


Japan Fawick – Quick Release Valves

Quick Release Valves is an air-operated three-way valve with excellent exhaust characteristics for Air Clutch and Brake.


Japan Fawick – Dynamometer

Enable heavy load testing under low-speed rotation which was difficult with existing electric  dynamometer. Most suitable for testing agricultural and construction machines.

ATB Laurence Scott - Rotastep

A pneumatically controlled clutch/brake unit that offers flexible, high output via a simple design giving long operating life.  Its associated range of electronic controls meets market requirements on functions such as counting, sensing, activating, de-clutching and compensating etc. The modular construction enables the customer to select precisely those functions required for his production machinery.

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