Merobel Brakes and Clutches

MEROBEL offers a wide portfolio of dedicated products: high technology mechatronic components such as EMP Brakes & Clutches (Electromagnetic Particles), Web Tension Controllers and Electronics, various sensors and transducers for force and torque control – solutions for Converting, Printing, Packaging Industries, as well as for Automation / Material Handling, Wire and Cable, and Test rigs.

Merobel – ElectroMagnetic Powder (EMP) Brake and Clutch

Offering tailored solutions for every need from its varies sizes (torque level) and up to
5 different versions (acceptable power dissipation level).

Merobel – Electromagnetic Powder ‘Through Bore’ Brakes

FAT Series designed to be easily fitted on equipment such as Converting, Printing, Wire & cable, and Packaging machines.

Electromagnetic Powder Brake


Electromagnetic Powder Brakes

Different Versions of FAT to accommodate Heat Dissipation

Merobel – Electromagnetic Powder ‘Output Shaft’ Brakes

FAS Series are compact and easy to use for applying a variable torque to a rotational system. Mainly dedicated to industrial applications such as wire and cable tension control systems, narrow ribbon unwinding processes, capstans, automatic test rigs, and more…





Merobel – Electromagnetic Powder ‘Through Shaft’ Clutch

EAT Series are mostly dedicated to the applications where slipping speed and slipping torque need to be controlled in an independent way. EAT Serie offer stwo different power dissipation levels for each size (without or with cooling fins)

– Electromagnetic Powder Clutch


Merobel – Electromagnetic Powder ‘Brushless’ Clutch

EFAS Series with its fixed coil special design is offering a very easy mechanical integration. EFAS Series are particularly recommended when independent torque and speed have to be accurately managed at the same time.

Electromagnetic Powder ‘Brushless’ Clutch


Merobel – Magnetic Powder Torque Limiter

Magnetic Powder Torque Limiter use a magnetic field generated by permanent magnets instead of an integrated electric coil used in the other MEROBEL devices. asy to integrate into any type of system, achieving fast response time, very reproducible slipping torque level, smooth and silent operation, low wear and long lifetime with no maintenance.


Merobel – Controls and Sensors for force and torque control

Merobel – Web Tension Controller

Fully configurable by dedicated PC software



Digital tension controllers for Multi-spindles applications such as fiber, cable and wire.


DGT 300

Digital tension controller for web, cable and wire tension

Merobel / REDEX – Sensors


WAT+ Load Cells

WAT+ Load Cells, enables a comprehensive range of force transducers and accessories, especially designed for dynamic tension measurement of fibers, wires, and web.



Ampli-Block Force & Torque load cells amplifiers, the new universal precision signal amplifier is designed for the use of one or two cells, either half or full bridge

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor are used in web tension control to measure the variable diameter of the roll and then to adjust the braking system effect to the proper torque for automatically keeping the web tension constant.

Torque Sensor

Torque Sensor

Torque Sensor used either in torque display systems or in torque closed loop control

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