Japan Fawick

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About Japan Fawick

Japan Fawick was established in 1962 and started the license manufacturing of Fawick Airflex Clutch and Brakes for the Asian Market.

Over the years, Japan Fawick has improvised several versions of the Airflex to suit the demands of the Customers.

Type 'CB' - Japan Fawick

Japan Fawick type ‘CB’ has several types of Friction Material to suit different applications. The overall dimensions of the CB Clutch or Brake are the same but with the different materials, the torque differs greatly.

Japan Fawick has ‘CB’ designs that incorporates a Flexible Drum Coupling or Marine Drum.


02) CB Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-002 02) CB Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-003 02) CB Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-004 02) CB Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-005

Type 'VC' - Japan Fawick

Japan Fawick has on the request of customers from the Mining and Cement industries, improvised and further enhance, the already, extremely high torque capacity of Airflex VC clutch. With these improvements and enhancement, the Life span of the VC clutch were prolonged.

Old Japan Fawick Name Plate Penjom 10724 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


03) VC Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-001 03) VC Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-002 03) VC Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-003

'Rotorseal' - Japan Fawick

Japan Fawick has Rotorseals for Air, Water and Oil.

Several configurations are available.
11) Rotorseal Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-001 11) Rotorseal Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-002

'Rotorseal Flange' - Japan Fawick

11) Rotorseal Flange Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-001 11) Rotorseal Flange Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-002

'QRV' - Japan Fawick

Japan Fawick QRV uses the Plunger Type Valve for longer lasting usage.

12) QRV Catalog - Japan Fawick-page-001