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About Airflex

Eaton’s Airflex business, manufacturer of the Original Fawick Clutch, is one of the most recognized names in the Industrial Clutch and Brake market. Eaton’s Airflex clutches embody the principals of classic design: superior performance, long life and high quality. Eaton Airflex is head quartered Cleveland Ohio, USA with Global manufacturing footprint.


Type 'CB'

The Original Fawick – Eaton Airflex Type CB is a Constricting Drum Clutch and Brake.

Copy products are from Gummi FK, Shin Young Hawser SH, OSI Oilstates Elasta-Flex CB,

CB-2  DSC00019Flash - Washex top - 2

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Type 'VC'

The Original Fawick – Eaton Airflex ‘VC’ Clutch and Brake assemblies are designed and built for severe Clutching and Braking applications on heavy duty equipments.

The ‘VC’ also has designs where coupling are incorporated to suit torsional vibration application. Coupling available are Vulkan and Geislinger.

Some Eaton Airflex and Japan Fawick version are not interchangeable.

Gummi FKT, Shin Young Hawer AH, OSI Oilstate Elasta-Flex VC

x107Walking Beam 001 IMAG0180 Dual 32VCW VC on Schottel Dual VC Reverse Gearbox.

03) VC Catalog-page-001 03) VC Catalog-page-002 03) VC Catalog-page-003 03) VC Catalog-page-004 03) VC Catalog-page-005 03) VC Catalog-page-006 03) VC Catalog-page-007 03) VC Catalog-page-008 03) VC Catalog-page-009 03) VC Catalog-page-010 03) VC Catalog-page-011 03) VC Catalog-page-012 03) VC Catalog-page-013 03) VC Catalog-page-014 03) VC Catalog-page-015 03) VC Catalog-page-016 03) VC Catalog-page-017 03) VC Catalog-page-018 03) VC Catalog-page-019 03) VC Catalog-page-020 03) VC Catalog-page-021 03) VC Catalog-page-022 03) VC Catalog-page-023 03) VC Catalog-page-024 03) VC Catalog-page-025 03) VC Catalog-page-026 03) VC Catalog-page-027 03) VC Catalog-page-028 03) VC Catalog-page-029 03) VC Catalog-page-030 03) VC Catalog-page-031 03) VC Catalog-page-032 03) VC Catalog-page-033 03) VC Catalog-page-034 03) VC Catalog-page-035 03) VC Catalog-page-036 03) VC Catalog-page-037 03) VC Catalog-page-038 03) VC Catalog-page-039 03) VC Catalog-page-040 03) VC Catalog-page-041 03) VC Catalog-page-042 03) VC Catalog-page-043

Type 'CM'

Specifically engineered for the marine industry on diesel-driven, reverse-reduction gears, Eaton Airflex CM assemblies feature ventilated friction shoes to permit clutch slippage and protect operating life.


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Type 'E'

Eaton Airflex Expanding Clutches and Brakes are the go-to solution for braking and tensioning applications, from Construction equipment and Marine winches to Laundry, Paper and Textile machines. These elements—which come in four different series that span a range of features and sizes—use a rugged, tire-like neoprene and cord tube that expands radially, forcing a friction surface against an inner drum to create stopping torque.

When used with Air or Water Cooled drums, they are suited for medium speed cyclic applications (Tensioning) where thermal load needs to be dissipated.

Eaton and Japan Fawick version of the Type E are not interchangeable.

Where Used:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Metalworking
  • Slip Clutches
  • Winches
  • Paper & Converting
  • Tension Brakes


04) E Catalog-page-001 04) E Catalog-page-002 04) E Catalog-page-003 04) E Catalog-page-004 04) E Catalog-page-005 04) E Catalog-page-006 04) E Catalog-page-007 04) E Catalog-page-008 04) E Catalog-page-009 04) E Catalog-page-010 04) E Catalog-page-011 04) E Catalog-page-012 04) E Catalog-page-013 04) E Catalog-page-014 04) E Catalog-page-015 04) E Catalog-page-016 04) E Catalog-page-017 04) E Catalog-page-018 04) E Catalog-page-019 04) E Catalog-page-020 04) E Catalog-page-021 04) E Catalog-page-022 04) E Catalog-page-023 04) E Catalog-page-024 04) E Catalog-page-025 04) E Catalog-page-026 04) E Catalog-page-027 04) E Catalog-page-028 04) E Catalog-page-029 04) E Catalog-page-030 04) E Catalog-page-031 04) E Catalog-page-032 04) E Catalog-page-033 04) E Catalog-page-034 04) E Catalog-page-035 04) E Catalog-page-036 04) E Catalog-page-037 04) E Catalog-page-038 04) E Catalog-page-039 04) E Catalog-page-040 04) E Catalog-page-041 04) E Catalog-page-042 04) E Catalog-page-043 04) E Catalog-page-044

Type 'WCB2' - 'WCBD' - 'WCB' - Tension Drag Brake

Eaton Airflex has developed four different models of water-cooled brakes or drag brake or Tension Drag Brake in a variety of sizes.

The Types are:
WCB : Pressure Applied, Spring Released
WCBD : Pressure Applied, Spring Released, Dual Piston
WCS : Spring Applied, Pressure Release
WCSB : is a combination of WCB and WCS

Advanced design features match specific application requirements, such as high horsepower absorption, continuous slip service, thermal load dissipation, dynamic tensioning, static holding and emergency stopping.

Where Used:

  • Mooring Winch
  • Steel Mill
  • Pulp & Paper Mill
  • Winch
  • Drawworks
Wichita AM Kopper Kool, WPT,

WCB-2WCSB3rd Generation

WCS Winch3318WCB Slip Brake on Unwind Stand

Mary 2 Dynanometer

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'WCBD3' Catalog

05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-001 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-002 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-003 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-004 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-005 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-006 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-007 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-008 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-009 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-010 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-011 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-012 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-013 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-014 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-015 05) WCBD3 Catalog-page-016

'WCS' Catalog

05) WCS Catalog-page-001 05) WCS Catalog-page-002 05) WCS Catalog-page-003 05) WCS Catalog-page-004 05) WCS Catalog-page-005 05) WCS Catalog-page-006

'WCSB' Catalog

05) WCSB Catalog-page-001 05) WCSB Catalog-page-002 05) WCSB Catalog-page-003 05) WCSB Catalog-page-004 05) WCSB Catalog-page-005 05) WCSB Catalog-page-006 05) WCSB Catalog-page-007 05) WCSB Catalog-page-008

Type 'CS' - 'CSA' - 'CTE'

Eaton Airflex CS / CSA / CTE drum style brakes are spring-applied; air released. It automatically engages in the event of air pressure or power loss. CTE develops greater torque than CS. Its design and construction are ideal for moderate speed, high torque, and cyclic applications.

The brake is bi-directional, developing approximately the same torque in either direction of drum rotation.

CS and CSA has both Eaton and Japan Fawick version.


06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-001 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-002 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-003 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-004 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-005 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-006 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-007 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-008 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-009 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-010 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-011 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-012 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-013 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-014 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-015 06) CS - CSA - CTE Catalog-page-016

Type 'DBA' - 'DBB' - 'DBBS' - 'DC' - 'FHB'

Eaton Airflex Air-Cooled Disc clutches and brakes are designed to excel in a wide range of applications. Featuring favourable torque-to-size ratios and low-inertia friction disc assemblies, they provide maximum clutch or braking performance in limited spaces.

Several different types of Air-Cooled Disc Clutch and Brakes are available:
DBA : Spring-applied, Pressure Released Brake, available with either solid or ventilated discs
DBB : Spring-applied, Pressure Released Brake
DBBS : Perfectly suited for non-cyclic applications Brake
DC : Pressure Applied Clutch or Brake
FHB : Designed with floating housings instead of floating rotors

Where Used:

  • Can Making
  • Conveyors
  • Power Press
  • Shears
  • Draglines
  • Power Shovels
  • Bottling Equipment
  • Emergency Motor Brake


DC DBA  215DC Clutch and 215DBB BrakeDBB-2FHBAirflex 238DC Clutch

08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-001 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-002 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-003 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-004 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-005 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-006 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-007 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-008 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-009 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-010 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-011 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-012 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-013 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-014 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-015 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-016 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-017 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-018 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-019 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-020 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-021 08) Air Cooled Disc Catalog-page-022

Type 'DP' - 'DPA'

Engineered with opposed piston designs, Eaton Airflex Caliper brakes help balance braking performance. Their symmetrical split construction maximizes flexibility by not only accommodating discs of any thickness, but also permitting mounting from either side of the split line.

Where Used:

  • Wire drawing
  • Unwind Stand
  • Press
  • Mining Equipment
  • Railroad maintenance equipment
  • Windmill


DP Caliper Brake on Flywheel

09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-001 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-002 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-003 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-004 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-005 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-006 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-007 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-008 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-009 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-010 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-011 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-012 09) Caliper Brake Catalog-page-013

Type ‘CBC’ – ‘FSPA’ – ‘AMCB’ – ‘DCB’ Clutch Brake Combination

Combining clutches and brakes into compact, all-in-one units allows Eaton to tailor packages to meet the requirements of many specific applications. Engineered for a range of speeds, engagements and cycle types, Eaton Airflex AMCB, CBC, FSPA and DCB clutch/brake packages each bring a unique set of features that give systems the stopping power they need to operate safely and efficiently.

Where used:

  • Automatic Punching Machines
  • Press Brakes
  • Can making machines
  • Printing Machines
  • Shears
  • Stamping and Forming Presses
  • Woodworking Machines


FSPA Application 32DBX SanMiguel 1 45CBC Separated FSPA

10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-001 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-002 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-003 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-004 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-005 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-006 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-007 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-008 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-009 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-010 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-011 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-012 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-013 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-014 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-015 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-016 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-017 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-018 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-019 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-020 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-021 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-022 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-023 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-024 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-025 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-026 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-027 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-028 10) Clutch Brake Combination Catalog-page-029

Type 'TLC' Torque Limiting Clutch

Eaton Airflex Torque Limiting Couplings (TLC) are the  latest solution for driveline control and protection.  Designed to withstand the torque spikes found in the most demanding applications of Variable Frequency Drives, with a reputation of best in class reliability and quality, Eaton Airflex TLCs are next evolution of driveline safety.



Meet almost any flow requirement with Eaton Airflex or Japan Fawick Single, Dual, Triple or Quad passage Rotorseals. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, Rotorseals transfer pressurized fluids (Air / Water / Oil) from a stationary inlet to a rotating shaft end, providing individual control of components mounted on the same shaft, component lubrication and circulation of fluid systems.

Rotorseal - Dual Rotorseal Single RS 3

11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-001 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-002 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-003 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-004 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-005 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-006 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-007 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-008 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-009 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-010 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-011 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-012 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-013 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-014 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-015 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-016 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-017 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-018 11) Rotorseal Catalog-page-019

'Quick Release Valve'

Eaton Airflex Quick Release Valves provide rapid evacuation of pressurized air from pneumatic devices. They provide an exhaust port at the device rather than at the end of a long supply line and/or control component.Exhaust is rapid and positive as soon as there is a pressure drop in the supply line.

Mufflers are available to reduce exhaust noise.


12) QRV Catalog-page-001 12) QRV Catalog-page-002 12) QRV Catalog-page-003 12) QRV Catalog-page-004 12) QRV Catalog-page-005