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About Goizper

GOIZPER S. Coop. dates back to 1959 in the Basque town of Antzuola in the largest European industrial cooperative movement arising in Mondragón. Geographically, it is located in the most industrialised and technological area of Spain with advanced infrastructure in communication and easy access thanks to the two large capacity industrial ports and five airports located nearby.
The Goizper group’s main strengths are
– its strong production team and own internal manufacturing systems.
– The distinction of the product over the competition is based on quality, technology and innovation.
The reliable and customised designs, the flexibility and capacity to adapt to the market; these have been the main competitive advantages that have allowed Goizper to be positioned amongst the leading companies in their markets, with the best service quality and meeting the quality standards of such demanding markets as Japan, the United States, Germany, Italy and France.
The international presence of its business has allowed a large world commercial network to be developed; 14 delegations over the five continents and a large distribution network.

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Goizper - Pneumatic Clutch & Brake Combination

Goizper has several different configuration of Clutch and Brakes.

Combined Pneumatic clutch-brakes is a system with a dual braking and clutching function, but the functions may not both be activated at the same time.

With different types and sizes covering a range of clutching torques from 65 Nm to 150,000 Nm to meet all kinds of requirements.

Separate Pneumatic clutch – brakes solution is available for cases in which technical issues prevent the use of the combined clutch-brake.

Oil – Pneumatic is a multidisc clutch-brake of the 5.W series, which is pneumatically activated and oil-cooled. It combines the activation of the pneumatic clutch with the capacity of the hydraulic clutches. As a result, we have a clutch-brake with the possibility of achieving high frequency manoeuvres. The cooling depends on the energy dissipation required by the application. This cooling may be forced through an exterior circuit for which the clutch-brake is prepared.

Depending upon customer requirements we offer many solutions – combinations, multiple disc clutches, safety, hydraulic, etc…

Where Used:
• Press
• Shear (Fly / Crop)
• Bend
• Forming

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Goizper - Hydraulic Clutch & Brake Combination

Besides Pneumatic, Goizper has a line of hydraulic brakes and clutches.

Hydraulic Combination clutch-brakes. This is a system with a dual braking and clutching function, but the functions may not both be activated at the same time. We have several types and sizes that cover a range of torques from 2500 Nm to 63000 Nm. They can be fitted with a progressive piston to make clutching and braking soft and to avoid the well-known problems of shaking, vibration, mechanism breakage, etc.

Separate hydraulic brakes and clutches – In the case of the brake, the system may be activated with or without hydraulic pressure, depending on the nature of the machine function.

Where Used:
• Press
• Shear (Fly / Crop)
• Bend
• Forming

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Goizper - Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake

Electromagnetic Multi-Disc :- The design of the magnetic field created by the coil prevents it from crossing the discs, therefore giving very fast reply times. In the case of the clutch, the magnetic body will be assembled on the drive shaft, that is, in continuous rotation, in order not to increase the inertia of the masses to be moved on each manoeuvre and also to avoid having to apply the current on each start on a collector at rest, which may cause sparks especially when it works in oil. Its main feature is that it has sintered discs that can work both dry and in an oil bath

Electromagnetic Mono-Disc :- The special construction of these clutches and brakes gives them multiple applications: wrappers, printing machines, computers, etc. They are self-adjusting within broad limits and their torque does not vary once the first adjustment wear is complete. In their released position, they do not have a residual torque thanks to a spring in the casing. They have a dry running operation and the friction discs must be protected against all oil or grease projection. As the friction in clutching or braking also takes place between metal parts, it is normal that grooves and scratching occur with time.

Electromagnetic Tooth Clutch :- The transmission is performed by coupling the front teeth of the driving part with the corresponding teeth of the driven part. The release time is short and the residual torque is zero. As these kinds of clutches do not admit slipping, determining their size is very important as their transmissible torque must be higher than the resulting torque Md or that corresponding to the maximum motor torque. The clutches may be fitted horizontally or vertically and in this last case, the drag plate will be in the bottom position.

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Goizper - Planetary Gears (Pneumatic - Hydraulic)

Goizper planetary gears are offered as complete and compact solutions with a variety of different types of assembly from 4,000 Nm to 200,000 Nm.

Each solution is made especially for each customer. All of our planetary gears are also designed in a wide range of sizes and can be adapted for their specific solution.

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Goizper - Index Units / Index Drive

Goizper has several Index Units / Drive models that offer a wide range of solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of high degree of positioning accuracy and stopping speed. They simultaneously control the movement, speed, acceleration and shock.
The flat, cylindrical and Globic cams stand out well as special designs.
These products are used in different application areas :
– Welding
– Automotive
– Packaging
– Aeronautics

PGI – Intermittent Revolving Units
The constructive principle of the Intermittent Revolving units, with large positioning diameter, allows the transmission of large dynamic torques, which enables them to move large loads at a high speed. The support unit has a large surface area for the moving unit, giving the installation great stability. They also have a large fixed shaft that is hollow for passing electric, pneumatic conductors, etc. and are normally used in robotised welding installations, automatic assembly machines and other severe productive processes for their solidity and reliability. Click for catalog Goizper Index Drive PGI 220-1120 Catalogue ES-EN

PIC / PIM – Compact Intermittent Units
The Compact design indexer units, with their Globic cam mechanism, makes them highly adaptable to any need. They are therefore widely used in different sectors like: glass manufacturing machines, welding, packaging, textile, etc. Our units are made entirely with mechanical processes and all moving elements are in an oil bath, so almost no maintenance is required.
Click for catalog Goizper Index PIC-PIM Catalogue DE-EN

UGI –  Globic Cam IndexUnits 
These index units allow a precise indexed movement without loose stopping areas. Their simple constructive design, their versatility and efficiency make them ideal for use in packaging, printing and silk-screening machines or linear conveyors.That is, machines with a high rate of production, allowing:
Fixing by the index mechanism itself.
Control of acceleration and reduced vibration.
Great stopping accuracy.
Click for catalog Goizper Index UGI Catalogue ES-EN

UIPE / UIP – Parellel Shaft Index Units
This design allows index mechanisms to be made combining a wide range of numbers of stops, oscillation angles, acceleration curves and transfer and idling. It is possible to mount the index unit on either of its sides, which come machined and with anchoring holes factory prepared. All of this along with their precision means that they are used in different applications like tool changers, assembly machines, automated handling systems; applications that require fast and accurate movements. movements.
Click for catalog Goizper Index UIPE-UIP Catalogue ES-EN