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About Merobel

MEROBEL is a well-known solutions supplier for Converting, Printing, Packaging Industries, as well as for Automation / Material Handling, Wire and Cable, and Test rigs.

Offering a wide range of products and machinery: high technology components such as EMP (ElectroMagnetic Particles) Brakes & Clutches, Web Tension Digital Controllers and Electronics, various sensors and transducers.

Re Spa, Ogura, Mitsubishi, Warner, Nireco

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Merobel - EMP Brakes

The most popular range of MEROBEL’s EMP Brakes, offering tailored solutions for every needs from its various sizes (based on torque level) and up to 5 different versions (to suit various heat dissipation level).

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0.007 ~ 0.20 Nm =  FAS-FRAS 2
0.04 ~ 2 Nm = FAS-FRAS 21   FAT-FRAT 20
0.2 ~ 5 Nm = FAT-FRAT 50
0.27 ~ 12 Nm = FAT-FRAT 120
0.33 ~ 35 Nm = FAT-FRAT 350
0.63 ~ 65 Nm = FAT-FRAT 650
1.2 ~ 120 Nm = FAT-FRAT 1200
2 ~ 200 Nm = FAT-FRAT 2002
3.5 ~ 350 Nm = FAT-FRAT 3500
5 ~ 500 Nm = FAT-FRAT 5001
10 ~ 1000 Nm = FAT-FRAT 10001

Merobel - EMP Clutches

MEROBEL’s EMP series are mostly dedicated to the applications where slipping speed and slipping torque needs to be controlled in an independent way.

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0.01 ~ 1.0 Nm = EFAS 2-10
0.03 ~ 5 Nm = EFAS 17-50
0.04 ~ 2 Nm = EAT-ERAT 20
0.2 ~ 5 Nm = EAT-ERAT 50
0.27 ~ 12 Nm = EAT-ERAT 120
0.33 ~ 35 Nm = EAT-ERAT 350
0.63 ~ 65 Nm = EAT-ERAT 650
1.2 ~ 120 Nm = EAT-ERAT 1200
2 ~ 200 Nm = EAT-ERAT 2002
3.5 ~ 350 Nm = EAT-ERAT 3500
5 ~ 500 Nm = EAT-ERAT 5001
10 ~ 1000 Nm = EAT-ERAT 10001

Merobel - Digital Tension Controller

With MEROBEL’s new DGT300+, Web Tension Control has never been so easy to manage.
The newest Digital Controller from MEROBEL combines, in a smart and low profile front face enclosure, the most simple user’s interface with the most advanced technical features.

Designed for both closed loop and open loop tension control, the DGT300+ is the up-to-date turnkey solution for unwinding, rewinding and intermediate tension control applications.

Allowing 100% setting up through its user’s friendly Windows PC interface, or through its front panel keyboard, the DGT300+ includes all the requested web tension control specific functions : E-stop, soft start, hold & release, taper tension, no-stop splice turrets. Analog set point input is also available for using distant remote control with PLC analog output or potentiometer.

Allowing direct input of position sensors, US sensors, or any kind of load cells technology signals, the DGT300+ design gives the benefit of fully digital calibration procedure as simple as 1-2-3 (no switch, strap, or resistance).

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Merobel - Power Block

MEROBEL offers the most comprehensive range of CURRENT REGULATED Power Supply units on the market.
Based on microcontroller technology its closed loop current regulation, with integrated DIN Rail fixing system, features accurate output control (independent from coil temperature), and high protection against transients, leading to the best reliability in industrial environments.

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power block

Merobel - Load Cells

Load cells design especially dedicated to the needs of Printing, Converting, and Packaging machinery. Easy to fit, ultra-compact, and nevertheless compatible with both rotating and dead shaft applications, this design combines high accuracy and high strength, in order to guarantee long life together with accurate measurement.

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                                  Load Cells & Force Sensor CI CIPF CZ

                                 UltraSonic Sensor NR7 NR2C

Load Cell

Merobel - AmpliBlock

AMPLI-Block is a load cell/transducer amplifier. AMPLI-Block is offering many benefits in a compact design such as very easy setting up, two outputs (one with adjustable filter…)

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Merobel - Torque Limiters

The torque limiters use a magnetic field generated by permanent magnets instead of an integrated electric coil used in the other MEROBEL devices.
This means that there is no requierement for a power supply.
Easy to integrate into any type of system, achieving fast response time, very reproducible slipping torque level, smooth and silent operation, low wear and long life with no maintenance

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