About Goizper

GOIZPER S. Coop. dates back to 1959 in the Basque town of Antzuola in the largest European industrial cooperative movement arising in Mondragón. Geographically, it is located in the most industrialised and technological area of Spain with advanced infrastructure in communication and easy access thanks to the two large capacity industrial ports and five airports located nearby.
The Goizper group’s main strengths are
– its strong production team and own internal manufacturing systems.
– The distinction of the product over the competition is based on quality, technology and innovation.
The reliable and customised designs, the flexibility and capacity to adapt to the market; these have been the main competitive advantages that have allowed Goizper to be positioned amongst the leading companies in their markets, with the best service quality and meeting the quality standards of such demanding markets as Japan, the United States, Germany, Italy and France.
The international presence of its business has allowed a large world commercial network to be developed; 14 delegations over the five continents and a large distribution network.

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