Goizper – Index Units / Index Drive

Goizper has several Index Units / Drive models that offer a wide range of solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of high degree of positioning accuracy and stopping speed. They simultaneously control the movement, speed, acceleration and shock.
The flat, cylindrical and Globic cams stand out well as special designs.
These products are used in different application areas :
– Welding
– Automotive
– Packaging
– Aeronautics

PGI – Intermittent Revolving Units
The constructive principle of the Intermittent Revolving units, with large positioning diameter, allows the transmission of large dynamic torques, which enables them to move large loads at a high speed. The support unit has a large surface area for the moving unit, giving the installation great stability. They also have a large fixed shaft that is hollow for passing electric, pneumatic conductors, etc. and are normally used in robotised welding installations, automatic assembly machines and other severe productive processes for their solidity and reliability. Click for catalog Goizper Index Drive PGI 220-1120 Catalogue ES-EN

PIC / PIM – Compact Intermittent Units
The Compact design indexer units, with their Globic cam mechanism, makes them highly adaptable to any need. They are therefore widely used in different sectors like: glass manufacturing machines, welding, packaging, textile, etc. Our units are made entirely with mechanical processes and all moving elements are in an oil bath, so almost no maintenance is required.
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UGI –  Globic Cam IndexUnits 
These index units allow a precise indexed movement without loose stopping areas. Their simple constructive design, their versatility and efficiency make them ideal for use in packaging, printing and silk-screening machines or linear conveyors.That is, machines with a high rate of production, allowing:
Fixing by the index mechanism itself.
Control of acceleration and reduced vibration.
Great stopping accuracy.
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UIPE / UIP – Parellel Shaft Index Units
This design allows index mechanisms to be made combining a wide range of numbers of stops, oscillation angles, acceleration curves and transfer and idling. It is possible to mount the index unit on either of its sides, which come machined and with anchoring holes factory prepared. All of this along with their precision means that they are used in different applications like tool changers, assembly machines, automated handling systems; applications that require fast and accurate movements. movements.
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