Type ‘WCB2’ – ‘WCBD’ – ‘WCB’ – Tension Drag Brake

Eaton Airflex has developed four different models of water-cooled brakes or drag brake or Tension Drag Brake in a variety of sizes.

The Types are:
WCB : Pressure Applied, Spring Released
WCBD : Pressure Applied, Spring Released, Dual Piston
WCS : Spring Applied, Pressure Release
WCSB : is a combination of WCB and WCS

Advanced design features match specific application requirements, such as high horsepower absorption, continuous slip service, thermal load dissipation, dynamic tensioning, static holding and emergency stopping.

Where Used:

  • Mooring Winch
  • Steel Mill
  • Pulp & Paper Mill
  • Winch
  • Drawworks
Wichita AM Kopper Kool, WPT,

WCB-2WCSB3rd Generation

WCS Winch3318WCB Slip Brake on Unwind Stand

Mary 2 Dynanometer

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